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Inspired by his love of early jazz developed through years of dancing, Glenn Crytzer took up the banjo while pursuing his masters degree in music composition from the Cleveland Institute of Music. Inspired by a warm welcome in the Cleveland early jazz scene, Crytzer soon founded “The Any Measure Jazz Band” with fellow students from the Cleveland Institute of Music. After moving to Seattle in 2006, Crytzer began seeking out musicians to form a band who understood what dance music was all about. Since then Crytzer's bands have been featured for numerous events and venues throughout the Seattle area including Camp Jitterbug, Savoy Swing Jam, The Seattle Lindy Exchange, the Emerald City Blues Festival, the Century Ballroom Masters Weekend, the Killer Diller Weekend/Harvest Moon Ball Championships, the Russian Center, Waid's night club, the University of Washington Swing Kids, the Western Washington Swing Club, as well as at private events and parties.

Also a classical composer, Crytzer's music has been performed around the US and in Europe. He was recognized in 2005 by the BMI foundation with a prestigious Young Composer Award, and was most recently commissioned by Seattle TownHall for a new work for amplified Violoncello and Drumset, to be premiered in June of 2009. Please visit his website at for more information on Glenn's classical works.


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