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Gottfried Di Franco

Gottfried di Franco stands for a kaleidoscopical, meaningful and euphoric musical language. With their compositions saxophonist Stefan Gottfried and guitars Gabriele di Franco create besides through composed passages as much space as possible for creativity, spontaneous joy of playing and improvisation and hold up these immanent values in jazz far from shallow instrumental virtuosity. Stylistically, they meander subtly between their idols Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter and Lee Konitz, an admiring fascination for impressionistic music and their naive curiosity for free improvised music.

Gottfried and di Franco combine their musical ideas, their visions as well as their stories which are being told out of the perspective of two young aspiring musicians who perceive the world with wide-opened eyes.

Since they got to know each other musically in Vienna more than three years ago. They both changed their environment - Gabriele moved to Brussels, Stefan to the Netherlands - in wich they quickly found themselves again. Encouraged through euphoric echo and the realization that they complement each other musically in a natural and lively way, they launched this unique collaboration.

The Austrian saxophonist and the Italian guitarist quickly found their congenial musical partners in the virtuosic Spanish pianist Raúl Santana, the unconventional Brussels based bassist Diederik Billiet and the extraordinary Portuguese drummer João Sousa, sparkling with creativity. Five musicians whose roots span out over all Europe and couldn’t be more different, find themselves to pursue a musical idea in developing the sound of the band that draws attention by subtle and meaningful expression rather than by screaming or impetuous articulation.

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Gottfried Di Franco