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Grace Notes: HUJE 2004


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Howard University

Label: HUJE
Released: 2005
Views: 358

Track Listing

I Could Write a Book; Verzierungen (Grace Notes); Nobby Jobby; It


Additional Personnel / Information

HUJE Jazz Ensemble -- Fred Irby III, director; Columbus Wynn III, Marlon Winder, Joseph Teachey, Kieron Cavel Irvine, Lorne Lee, Steven Thomas, Michael Archey, trumpet, flugelhorn; Angela Everett, alto, soprano sax; Charles Medearis, Brent Birckhead, alto sax; Joseph B. Whitney III, James Lewis, tenor sax; Brandon Chapman, baritone sax; Kiarra Johnson, clarinet; Joseph Lovinsky, French horn; Paul Phifer, Seth Rees, trombone; Stephen Naylor, trombone, tuba; Eric Perkins, bass trombone; Don DeMarco Myles, truba; Colle Latin, cello; Milton Taylor Pace, Muhsinah Abdul-Karim, piano; Nicholas Lipkowski, electric guitar; Eric Wheeler, bass; McClenty Hunter Jr., drums; Russell Carter Jr., drums, vibes. Afro Blue -- Connaitre Miller, director; Danielle Withers, Sharena Howard, Jessica Boykin-Settles, Kim Douglas, Faith Jordan, Kevin Owens, Carlton Hicks, Jamall White, Thomas Bowman Jr., vocals; Milton Pace, piano; Eric Wheeler, electric bass; McClenty Hunter Jr., drums. HU Jazztet -- Charlie Young, director; Marlon Winder, composer, trumpet; Charles Medearis, composer, alto sax; Seth Rees, trombone; Muhsinah Abdul-Karim, piano; Eric Wheeler, composer, bass; McClenty Hunter Jr., drums.



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