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Greg “Cosmo D” Heffernan is a versatile cellist whose musical passions have led him to work in improvisation, jazz and electronic music. Greg is currently based out of New York City and works as a freelancer, bandleader and touring musician. Greg has recorded several albums with his band, Sauce, and one of his compositions for the band made its Carnegie Hall debut in early 2008. Under the “Cosmo D” alias, Greg performs, alone or with others, combining his use of live laptop manipulation with cello improvisation.

In 2003 and 2004, Greg was part of the Banff Centre's Jazz Program, under the artistic direction of Dave Douglas. These summers spent in the Canadian Rockies deeply influenced Greg's performance style and creative output. His studies with New York cellist Erik Friedlander further honed in Greg's approach to the instrument.

In 2006 and 2007, Greg toured with the legendary saxophonist Lee Konitz. Greg has been a featured member in Konitz's Nonet, directed by award-winning saxophonist and arranger Ohad Talmor. Since forming in 2005, the Nonet has toured England, France, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, Macedonia, and beyond.

In addition to working with the Nonet, Greg collaborated with Vijay Iyer in 2007 for the off-broadway show “Betrothed.” The show integrated Greg's live cello and laptop performance with Vijay's original compositions. Grammy-winner Matt Darriau of the Klezmatics also featured Greg in his world-touring Paradox Trio. In the fall of 2008, Paradox trio toured Holland performing Darriau's original score to the silent film “Battleship Potemkin,” performing in cinemas alongside the film's newly-restored print.

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New York Press Feature Article on Greg Heffernan ”Listening to [Greg's music] is like watching a child run wild with paintbrushes in hand, unafraid of making a mess that ultimately results in a strange, magical mural buttressed by amazing technique yet completely unimpeded by rules of structure. His unclassifiable music betrays hints of jazz, Baroque, Renaissance, hip-hop, Hawaiian, Prairie Home Companion, Pink Panther and Roger Rabbit.”

- Victoria Moy, The New York Press

“Cosmo D mixes the versatile range of the sonorous cello with electronic beatscapes, jazz elements, and his own flair for improvisation

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Album Ricardo, Move by Greg Heffernan

Ricardo, Move

Smoothe Moose Laboratories and Recordings



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