Greg Murphy

Chicago native Greg Murphy has been a fixture on the New York City jazz scene since the 1980's, performing and recording with numerous jazz luminaries. In a 2015 review referencing “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” from Greg’s CD, Blues for Miles, Maxwell Chandler writes: “… not every musician can play the blues. Greg displays an authenticity not in any specific blues-based structure but in an organic soulfulness. There is a power to the performance deriving from simplicity …. Tinged with melancholy but bearable on account of its beauty, it is a rainy day with all the leaves of the trees dripping silvered jewels.” He goes on: “‘Hat Trick’ is another original. It is free jazz not in the genre sense but in the band allowing different components from several genres to meld without concern of adhering to any specific formula …. A dramatic cohesiveness is created not because all the musicians play in unison but because each of the smaller patterns executed within the piece bolster the others.” In another 2015 review of Blues for Miles, Bob Rusch of Cadence Magazine writes “… a strong ensemble [with] some very effective free playing on ‘Free Ur Mind’ and ‘Free Han Solo.’”

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Greg Murphy: Blues for Miles

Posted by Maxwell Chandler in Piano, Review on February 5, 2015

She told me to always shake everything out, towels, clothes and shoes, before using them as the spiders made temporary homes in the creases of things at night attracted by the warmth. I did not know how much veracity there was in this but the other morning while shaving I had seen a spider crawl out of the skirt that she had left on the bathroom floor.

Her sister was sick and she had to go and help her out. Occasionally it is good to sweetly suffer the blues induced by finding oneself alone

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