Greg Fugal

I first started playing when I was 12. I received my horn, a zephyr, from my great ant. I first started on alto then I eventually played on all three saxophones extensively at one point in my band career. I started in classical but was introduced to jazz in my junior high years. I was involved in a band that was organized outside of high school and we called our selves the Rum House Jazz Mafia or R.H.J.M. I was the Bari player in that band. I've moved several times and have played at three different high schools. those schools being Uintah, Lehi, and Westlake high school, all here in Utah. My senior year I was first chair and section leader and was rewarded the Luis Armstrong jazz award. I graduated from westlake in 2010 and now play for The Utah Vally University Jazz Band.


Alto Saxophone: The H.N. White Co., King Zephyr, "Series III"


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