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Håkon Berre

Norwegian drummer. Former student of drummers such as Per Oddvar Johansen, Martin Andersen and Stefan Pasborg. Has also studied Max/MSP with Jakob Riis. Lives in Copenhagen where he is mainly focusing on the avantgarde scene, working on incorporating realtime electronics into free improvisation. Has worked with artists such as John Pelosi, Petter Wettre, Ole Staveteig, Simon-Spang Hanssen, Stephan Meinberg, Paul Brosseau, Peter Brötzmann, Wu Wei, Marc Bernstein, Martin Schack, Thommy Andersson, Niels Præstholm, Bob Rockwell, Jonas Westergaard and Jeppe Skovbakke. Håkon has released 6 CD’s on the danish/norwegian record label “Barefoot Records” (, where he also is one of the co-founders and contributes as a graphic designer.


Gretch drums Yamaha drums Ludwig snare Zildjian/Paiste cymbals

”...the interplay between these three musicians is nothing less than excellent, and the best way to describe it, is by the word telepathic. This trio only knows one way; and that is the way ahead...” -Henrik Kaldahl, Jazznet on Trio CrEePy : Adventurous Instrumental Music (bfrec003)
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Håkon Berre