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Han Chung Eun

Han Chung Eun, one of the most influential woodwind players today, has been a focus of the artistic scenes of the Korean traditional music and its modern manifestations in Korea.

Trained in the tradition of classical court music of Korea that traces its origin back to 5th ~6th century, Chung Eun pushes the boundary of Korean bamboo flutes, Daekeum and Sokeum to cross over the genre and brings the acoustic and soulful sound of bamboo flute to today's audience.

Well known by his eclectic repertoire from Chamber Ensembles to Jazz to K-pop, Chung Eun performed and collaborated over the years with renounced artist such as Bobby McFerrin, British Guitarist legend Martin Taylor, Swedish jazz guitarist Ulf Wakenius, Vocalist Inga Marie, and Composer and Pianist Ryo Kunihiko.

Chung Eun’s recent performance includes the historic inauguration of Park Geun-Hye, the first woman to be elected as President in South Korea, 2013 NYC Winter Jazz Festival with Sunny Kim, Opening Ceremony at 2013 Busan International Film Festival, and Closing Ceremony at 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Chung Eun had successful solo concerts in New York City: Somethin’ Jazz Club (Aug ’13), Drom NYC (Jan ’14), Korea Society (July ’14), Rockwood Music Hall (Aug ’14) and Poet's Den Theater (Aug'14). Chung Eun also recorded various movie soundtracks to his credit; War of Arrows (2011), Portrait of Beauty (2008), Beyond the Years(2007), Spring in my Hometown(1998), crocodile(1996)

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