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Hartmut Hillmann is one of the most influential German six string bass players for more than twenty-five years. He started in 1987 to adapt the styles of the likes as Jaco Pastorius and Marcus Miller for the six stringed fretted and fretless instrument. Besides his incredible ability to groove and playing supportive, he is an ethnomusicologist having studied African and Indian rhythms intensively. Leaving the Europe and Africa touring odd-meter Funk band „Zabriskie Point“ after six years of collaboration in 1997, he started to concentrate on his solo career with his project „Illicit Poetry“ as composer, arranger and leader. The results were two CDs: „Eclectic Jazz“ and „Uncivilized“. Though enthusiastically acclaimed by many critics, there was not the major record deal Hartmut had dreamed of, and he retired in frustration from the music biz in 2002. He started to concentrate on teaching kids with special needs, exploring his Buddhist practice and playing drums in his German- Japanese Band „Ushi-Tora“ for five years. He jumped back to the scene in 2007 joining several band projects as a sideman like Dgroove, Wasserspiele, mbaf/ Scottish singer Kate Cassidy, touring with fellow bass player Kai Eckhardt and doing some solo concerts. Since summer of 2008 he‘s leading his own project again, named: „The Hartmut Hillmann Band“ featuring some of the finest German musicians: Joe Hain on keyboards, percussionist Klaus Frölich and Indian/Tamil percussionist Warren Wunderlich

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”...(Hartmut Hillmann) is a very talented individual. He will contribute a great deal to the world of music!” 
CHARLIE BANACOS (teaching guru and New England Conservatory Of Music Boston)

”... I’ve enjoyed listening to Your band’s recording. I think it’s really good and has some very interesting music on it...”
 JIMMY HASLIP ( Yellowjackets)

“(Illicit Poetry) has convinced us in a musical sense!...”


“We here like the Illicit Poetry production exceptionally!...” BERT GERECHT (Hot Wire Records)

“...I like (Illicit Poetry) very colleagues appreciate your chops and the songs and were absolutely delighted!” KNUT SCHULZE (SONY Records, Germany)

“ ...The vibes are the featured instrument on this odd- meter jazz-funk disc, but lurking beneath it all is bassist Hillmann, who rips it up six-string-style!...”
 SCOTT MALANDRONE, Bassplayer Magazine

Primary Instrument

Bass, electric

Willing to teach

Advanced only


Hartmut teaches since about 25 years, his main goal is to free the inner unlimited potential in each player: You can do it! Main themes: groove, improvisation, eartraining, playing in a band, overcoming obstacles which inhibit Your progress, avoiding injuries by the Feldenkrais Method. All musical aspects are also viewed in a Buddhist context, as many buddhist principles correlate with being a musician: mentor-disciple, oneness of body and mind, oneness of live and environment. Hartmut gives online lessons and person to person lessons (8 Miles south of Frankfurt Airport in Germany). If You are interested mail to:

Clinic/Workshop Information

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