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I had the advantage in that my childhood was in the 1970s, which I believe the best stage in the music's rock history, and was the epoca of the 'super bands' or so-called 'progressive Rock' or 'symphonic Rock.' It was a time of a lot of creativity, and inspiration. The lyrics of the songs expressed concepts of life, histories and fantasies each 'disc' was a musical work. I believe that all this influenced in my taste and passion for music. That was a time that I listened to bands like Yes, Pink Floyd, EL&P, Genesis, Supertramp, Jethro Tull and others. The current of the Jazz-rock or Fusion also began to emerge from the hands of musicians like Chick Korea, Al Diemola, whom I liked very much like how he played. Of course, I was impacted very much by Pat Metheny and his style and the 'master' George Benson. There are many excellent and famous musicians that also pass though my mind and are a very important influence in my musical work. However, the idea of imitating them was alway outside of my aspirations. I want to achieve my own identity, as much in the music as in the style. When I was 12, I began to learn classic guitar; as during this epoca in Argentina, there were few places that taught electric guitar. But, after a little time, I acquired my first electric guitar and began to develop my passion for this instrument. I always liked to compose my own songs instead of memorizing the songs of the groups that I liked. I began several musical arrangements during my school years and I had as hobby of recording and mixing songs using the instruments that I had avaliable. When I was 17 years old, I produced two instrumental songs, “paper ship” and “spring”, that I sent to the radio stations. “Spring” was played on radio Excélsior in a program that introduces new musicians.

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