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Henry Gibson Jr

Torn between a love of traditional acoustic bebop, the algorithmic textures of techno, the high energy of fusion and the spirituality of worship, Henry is redefining the role of the electronic keyboard in jazz music. “My musical conception came about as a solution to the problem of playing for audiences of different musical taste and coming up with something that I loved which the audience could appreciate as a fresh modern sound while still retaining the integrity of the tradition of what I believe that jazz is all about... Learning the rules first and then breaking them!”

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Primary Instrument



Detroit, MI

Willing to teach

Beginner to advanced

Clinic/Workshop Information

Clinic Title "Music Transcription Made Easy." Workshop Description a.) An excerpt from a “classic” jazz solo will be selected for transcription purposes. b.) The process of transcribing the excerpt will be demonstrated with the aid of freeware computer applications which students can download from the internet. c.) The excerpt will then be analyzed in regards to its construction and use in the chord progressions for the composition. d.) Volunteer students will then assist in the practical demonstration of applying the transcribed example for the benefit of solo construction and technical proficiency on their instrument.

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