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Hilary Kole

Long a beloved staple on the NYC jazz scene and world-renowned as a multi-faceted concert hall and symphony performer, Hilary Kole has emerged triumphantly from a difficult three-year legal struggle to put out a recording – and found her true musical heart in the process. On her new independent full-length album, the acclaimed vocalist and musician paints A Self-Portrait with illuminating stylistic brushstrokes and an expansive repertoire that takes her far beyond her storied roots as a purveyor of the Great American Songbook. Back, better than ever and baring her jazz and pop soul like never before, Hilary celebrates life free of limitations and full of optimism.

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CD/LP/Track Review
CD/LP/Track Review
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“..Kole is about as polished as they come without losing a whit of warmth. Her vocal range and control remain astonishing. If anything the lady’s instrument- and make no mistake, she has an instrument, is riper and more appealing.” Theater Pizzazz

“… her smooth melodic lines have never been so consistently infused with literary subtext, which spells the difference between sounding pretty, and having something to say.” - Stephen Holden —The New York Times

“A pure voice that flows as easily as burnished notes from a muted trumpet …” - David Finkle —Huffington Post

“Understated elegance and playful warmth…” —USA Today

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