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THE ALBUM “QUIET DREAMS” ranked as No. 1 album of the year, by the journalist Wandrup in one of Norway's largest national newspaper, Dagbladet.

New Album released January 27th 2017 (and digital worldwide release January 30.) LP released March/April:
Album: Hilde Hefte / Title: Quiet Dreams
“In my opinion this is the most personal and original album I’ve ever recorded”, says Hilde Hefte, and after listening through the whole album one of the listeners said: “This is the ultimate Hilde-Hefte-album”.

The album entitled “Quiet Dreams” got its title after one of the compositions. Here you will find three parts from the 50 minutes commission work she composed for Tall Ships Races.
She is taking you with her out on the ocean where you’ll be flying with the birds, diving with whales and much more. You will find beautiful ballads, AND a lullaby in Norwegian. Hilde’s great grandmother sang it for Hilde’s grandmother who sang it for her daughter (Hilde’s mother); she sang it for Hilde who sang it every night for her child – So in other words, a very personal, sweet little family-tune. The last track on the album is a very special, groove-based a cappella composition called “The End – TBA”.

Out of nine tracks Hilde has composed and written lyrics for seven, written all music- arrangements, done all vocals, and she is a musician on six out of nine tracks.

Hilde Hefte; all vocals, sansula, xylophone, Fender Rhodes, piano, various percussion, singing bowles, bracelet-shaker, triangle.
Egil Kapstad; piano
Simen Hefte Endresen; soda-percussion

About Hilde Hefte: Hilde Hefte received both Norwegian Jazz Federation (Region South Norway) Jazz Price 2015 and The Kristiansand Municipality Culture Award 2016. She has released 6 albums embraced by the audience and journalists.
On this – her seventh album she’s taking her talent a big step further.
Hilde has released her music through both record companies/labels in Japan and in the US (New York) and Brazil.
She’s playing several musical instruments; she sings, composes and writes lyrics both for her own productions as well as others.

On this recording she is creating her own little universe. Trigged by being asked to write the commission work for Tall Ships Races 2015 she started composing more music and by this exploring new sides in her musical universe.
Album tracks: 1. Come Fly With Me; Hilde Hefte; Hilde Hefte: vocal, sansula
2. The Sea; Hilde Hefte; Hilde Hefte; vocal, perc., water-perc., whale-sounds, singing bowles, bracelet shaker, triangle.
3. Quiet Dreams; Hilde Hefte; Hilde Hefte: vocal, Egil Kapstad piano.
4. Mother and Son; Hilde Hefte; Hilde Hefte vocal, Fender Rhodes, xylophone.
5. Nu til hvile går; An old family lullaby; Hilde Hefte: all vocals, Egil Kapstad piano.
6. Liten stemming; Egil Kapstad; Egil Kapstad: piano.
7. Throw It Away; Abby Lincoln; Hilde Hefte: all vocals, Fender Rhodes.
8. And Even More; Hilde Hefte; Hilde Hefte: vocal, piano.
9. The End – TBA; Hilde Hefte; Hilde Hefte: all vocals (A cappella)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Sanden Studio, Kristiansand Norway, Producer: Simen Hefte Endresen, Co-producer: Hilde Hefte, Sound engineering: Roald Råsberg
Cover art and design by the artist Agnete Erichsen

..... . .... . . . .. . . . ....... .. .. . . .. . . . . . . ..... . . . . . .. . . ....

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Album: Hilde Hefte / Title: Quiet Dreams (2017)

(...) “And Even More” another composition composed by Hilde Hefte, and here she's singing and playing piano herself. This is a ballad too and it strongly reminds us of Radka Toneffs duet with Steve Dbrogosz on the gorgeous album “Fairytales”.

Then Hilde Hefte is ending this album with her own composition “The End - TBA”, where everything is done a cappella with her own voice. And by this she's giving us a completely different tune than the other songs on this album. This could have been a vocal-quartet like “Vocal Summit”, but with a highly personal touch and sophistication - almost like something Bobby McFerrin could have done.

(...) Hilde Hefte has with this album made a very very beautiful, little hour of music. It is like balm for the soul

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