I have been in a number of bands over the years. Ones worth mentioning: The Koboliz: 1991-1993 A thrash band that probably sounded too much like Forbidden for its own good but oh well. We recorded a 3 song demo tape that got a solid review in Metal Maniacs way back when. We played a lot in the north bay being based in Angwin near St. Helena. I also met Jake and Ari of StageSen during this time. Earlier this year I did some rehearsals and played a show with Outrage. At the moment I'm writing about drumming at and teaching kids. Unfortunately, they are based too far from me to be able give my all to. In Paradigm: 1994-1997 A modern electronic type band that I was in with a good friend for many years, Irish, and his brother Dustin. I played electronic drums with plastic pink cymbals (visulite) using the Alesis D4 for the brain. I still threw in double bass here and there without overplaying too badly. Some great fun in the band and it gave me time to focus getting a career together. We did shows in San Francisco and San Jose. Always a challenge to play along with a click and loops, samples, sequencers. By the end of the band I had decided to get back into acoustic drums and had purchased a then new 1997 Tama Rockstar. Total Eclipse: 1998-2002 An epic metal band capable of displacing the gravitational pull of Jupiter. The first day I jammed with the Sheldon brothers, Alex & Gill, we also saw Morbid Angel that night at the now defunct Maritime

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