Hubert Fol Hubert Fol

Hubert Fol was a French jazz saxophonist and bandleader.

Fol was Raymond Fol's brother, and learned piano from an early age through lessons from his mother. He also took lessons in violin and clarinet in his teens and early twenties. As a saxophonist, he worked with Claude Abadie and Boris Vian and cofounded the Be Bop Minstrels with his brother in 1947. In 1949-1950 he toured Europe and recorded with Coleman Hawkins, then worked with Kenny Clarke and Django Reinhardt before embarking on another European tour with Dizzy Gillespie and Rex Stewart. Fol's health deteriorated in the 1960s, which led to his playing far less frequently.

Source: Wikipedia


January 23, 2019

Hubert Fol: Bebop Minstrels



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