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Hub Hildenbrand

Hub Hildenbrand (guitar, composition) studied at Music Conservatory in Rotterdam (NL) and with full scholarship at Berklee College of Music (Boston/USA). Student of Mick Goodrick, John Abercrombie, George Ruckert...

Intensive study of turkish music (maqam). Conservatory of Turkish Music, Berlin. One of the very few musicians who have successfully adapted turkish microtonality to the guitar by means of string bending. Student of oud-master Nuri Karademirli.

Intensive study of north indian Classical Music. Student of sarod-master Ranajit Sengupta. 5-month study in Calcutta, India (scholarship from Berlin government), followed by “The door we never opened”, a solo-CD where Hildenbrand plays a double neck guitar, which he drafted himself and was built by Calcutta-based luthier Mukunda Biswas.

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In Hildenbrand's hands, a normal guitar becomes the tool of a mystic. DEUTSCHLANDFUNK, 2016

A gifted guitarist NUERTINGER ZEITUNG, 2017

The music unfolded an almost hypnotic effect and drew the listeners into its spell. MOZ, 2015

Powerfully emotional, 2015

We are dealing here with something very exceptional., 2015

A world of sound that develops an almost hypnotic attraction. DEUTSCHLANDRADIO KULTUR, 2013

Gives you goosebumps MAERKISCHE ODERZEITUNG, 2013

An eminent guitarist DER BLITZ, 2012

Impressive JAZZPODIUM, 2011

An independent language

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