Igor Bezget Igor Bezget

IGOR BEZGET one of the most influential guitarists composers and musicians in his field of creation was born 25.3.1968 in maribor slovenija. he started to play guitar in the late teenage years as a self taught musician with his first rock bands. later on through listening to miles davis records he became interested in jazz and studied with peter o'mara on the jazz department of bruckner university in linz austia. he developed interests for different styles of world music and beside guitar started to play some other plucked string instuments as arabic lute or oud and turkish saz or baglama. with his deeper interest for the indian music he started to play sarod an traditional north indian plucked string instrument and studied indian classical music with pt. biswajit roy choudury and pt. suresh talwalkar. with years he developed his own style of playing and composing. throughout his professional career he composed thousands of tunes and compositions. a lot of them you can find recorded on more than 70 projects he did as a leader or co leader from solo projects through smaller groups to orchestras in different genres. he recorded and played a lot of music as a sideman also. beside composing playing and recording he is active also as a guitar and music improvisation teacher. through teaching playing and composing he influenced a lot of younger musicians. he performed recorded and or had workshops all over the world in different situations from clubs to major festivals and venues with some of the greatest musicians on the planet

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