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Iman Spaargaren

Iman Spaargaren will release two albums in 2013. “Thelonious4 meets Tony Miceli” on DotTime Records with Thelonious4 and “In The Moment” on EyemanRecords with Iman Spaargaren Undercurrent. In 2012 Iman Spaargaren toured the Netherlands with the Iman Spaargaren Quartet during Young VIP Tour 2012.

Iman is a multi-reed player, arranger and composer.

Iman has a distinctive way of playing and a very personal tone on his horn. He likes to search for different ways of expressing himself in different kinds of music. His main musical goal is to have a great deal of freedom in melody, hamony and rhythm and presenting that in a comprehensible context for the listener.

During the past few years Iman has been busy with a wide variety of music groups such as Iman Spaargaren Undercurrent, Iman Spaargaren Quartet & Septet, Captain Hook, European Union Quartet, Thelonious4 and New Generation Bigband.

In 2012 Iman and his Iman Spaargaren Quartet do the prestigious Young VIPs Tour 2012. He will release a new album with Thelonious4 featuring Tony Miceli and will do a series of concerts with European Union Quartet in Holland, Belgium and the UK.

October 2011 brought the release of the second album of the European Union Quartet called 'The Dark Peak'. It's on the O.A.P. label and contains a lot of originals of Iman's. Just before that he released the burning live cd 'Live at the Hot House' with Thelonious4. July saw the birth of 'Plunge!', Captain Hook's third cd. And to give the year 2011 a head start Iman put out his first cd with the Iman Spaargaren Quartet called 'Flow'.

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Press qoutes on In The Moment from Iman Spaargaren Undercurrent (2013):

“Spaargaren excels in strong melodies and lyricism. Playing fast doesn't win of formlessness, even fast runs reveal their melodical format. Besides that much more freedom is to be heared compared to earlier works. Spaargaren must have felt an inner urge to go that way since he wrote 11 new compositions for 'In The Moment'. One of reasons might be touring together with Cactus Truck during the Young VIP Tour 2012, or the influence of guitarist Guillermo Celano, who's been up front all the time” (Jan Jasper Tamboer,, 2013)

“Iman Spaargaren: a busy man, not deprived of outstanding musical qualities, as an instrumentalist as well as a composer

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Primary Instrument

Saxophone, tenor



Willing to teach

Beginner to advanced

Clinic/Workshop Information

Jazzworkshops @ JAZZ AMSTERDAM Music teachers Andreas Metzler and Iman Spaargaren know each other for a long time since their study at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. In 2005 they co-founded the international jazzgroup THELONIOUS4. Apart from their very succesful professional musicianship, they are both excellent music teachers with years of experience in music education. Metzler is teaching as well at the music school DJAM located in Amsterdam, while Spaargaren works at the Centrum voor de Kunsten . On this site you'll find a frequently updated series of workshops

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