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Immortal Onion

The Trio was founded in the spring of 2016. Artists such as Esbjörn Svensson, Hiromi Uehara and Tigran Hamasyan are where the band gets its inspiration from. The classification of Immortal Onion's music is rather challenging, as the musicians are not afraid to refer to many music genres. Their songs are influenced, among others by jazz, film music, minimalism, fusion, electronic music, and even progressive metal. In spite of this divergence in the styles they rotate in, they have succeeded in creating their own recognizable language.

Their distinctive sound is down to them skillfully combining energetic and rhythmically complex fragments with minimalist, trickier themes and lyrical themes.

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„At Times,the trio sounded like a well-oiled machine. Precision and very good teamwork allowed the band to flourish in the soundtrack finale, when they turned on a stunning,trance gear with ease. The audience who had been to Mars a few hours before, was sent to space again.” Łukasz Badula,

„The album we get as a final result, is a refined, sophisticated, and yet very powerful work. Clearly, it is very carefully designed, and at the same time it is rather distant from a classical approach to jazz. It seems that the pivotal component of the album is the mood, which Immortal Onion keeps building and altering in a fascinating way, thus creating a seducing, cinematic athmosphere.” Jakub Knera,