In Me

In Me by Tom Lemczyk

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Tom Lemczyk

Label: Limited Edition Release
Released: 2019
Duration: 1:02:02
Views: 73

Track Listing

In Me; Just Love (lyrics); One Me One You; Mood For You; Decide (lyrics); Beautiful Unusual; Bassix; By Now (lyrics); Playground; I'll Teach You; Thanks Henry; Little Steps; Sweet Dreams Waltz.


Album Description

I knew when I started playing In Me on the piano, that it would become the theme for this next album, and where I would go with other tracks. At a point I was constructing some lyrics but decided just to leave it as an instrumental. > With Just Love, the lyrics came naturally with memories of loves, and what there is always still to say. > One Me One You, that’s all there is really, never any substitutes, irreplaceable twinkling eyes, memorable words, joyous laughter, soft touches. > I think I must have played Mood For You a hundred times one night just changing the slow pace and wondering if it really needed anything more. The synthesizer defined the held notes just right. > Decisions, and sometimes the confusion in making a decision, and Decide lyrics found their way after letting this one ferment awhile. > With Beautiful Unusual, I always like the ones that sound like they’re gonna tear themselves apart but become so appealing when they don’t. I liked adding the synthesizer, and then building everything to a final crescendo. > I had been fooling around with 6 bass lines and finally decided to put them together and see what gives, and thus Bassix. Its one of those songs I could probably extend for 30 minutes with all the nuances I can come up. > I liked the beat on By Now, and the simple singalong chorus, where one has reached, has anything changed at all, what have you allowed into your inner core. > Playground came about spontaneously as I was thinking about the time I was at a playground with my young great-niece, and the free-spirited way of running around and inventing and laughing and trying all the sets and having nothing but fun. > I’ll Teach You had a beginning and end but it took a long time to figure out what to put in the middle. > When I first started attending Jazzfest in New Orleans in the 1990s, I always looked forward to see where Henry Butler would be playing, a living treasure anyone would agree who saw him, with his smile, voice and sparks flying from his improvised keyboard fireworks. Thanks Henry was improvised as I thought about those memories, and I tip my hat at the beginning and end with a few Love In Autumn notes from one of my favorite albums of his For All Seasons, with some calliope lagniappe, adieu. > Little Steps: I was saddened this past December upon hearing of the heartbreaking tragic story of children who only just reached the American border with their parents. I added some synthesizer marimba in tribute to their native land. > Sweet Dreams Waltz, for all children and their dreams. – Tom Lemczyk, March 2019.


Album uploaded by Tom Lemczyk

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