In This Together

In This Together by Accent

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Label: Self-Produced
Released: 2018
Views: 873

Track Listing

Aux Aurores; Just Wondering; Love Is Just That Way; Twilight; Who You Are; Only One Love.



voice / vocals

Additional Personnel / Information

Jean-Baptiste Craipeau: tenor 1; Simon Åkesson: tenor 2; Danny Fong: tenor 3; Andrew Kesler: tenor 4; James Rose: baritone; Evan Sanders: bass.

Album Description

“These guys are exceptional musicians... a signature sound that is sure to delight audiences for years to come.” - Cedric Dent, TAKE 6 In the world of a cappella singing groups, the international group Accent has carved out its own jazzy niche. Inspired by the wizardly harmonies of TAKE 6 and, before them, The Hi-Lo’s, the six men of Accent, all of them accomplished singer/ arrangers in their own countries, decided to take their love of close-harmony jazz singing as far as it could go. Hailing from the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France and Sweden, the six met and began recording together online in 2011. They have since come together to record and tour, becoming an International vocal supergroup. Their amazing blend and arrangements have been acclaimed by a cappella fans, jazz fans, and fellow musicians. With IN THIS TOGETHER, they have far surpassed the usual a cappella group fare of pop covers with an all-original program that displays their peerless blend and fearless jazz harmonies. But this is no mere display of technical acumen: their impeccable skills are in the service of accessible, memorable melodies and passionate lyrics. In addition to three songs by members James, Simon and JB, the album includes a brilliant, previously unrecorded song written by TAKE 6’s Mervyn Warren and Mark Kibble, as well as contributions by Michael Jackson-collaborator Siedah Garrett and Denmark-based jazz vocalist/bassist Kristin Korb. It also represents a milestone in the way they work: It’s the first time they have actually recorded together in the same studio, after years of collaborating remotely on YouTube videos and their first album.




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