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Jazz Musician Database

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  • Alita Mantels (author)

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    I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, where in 1968 I graduated as a National Merit Scholar from Grover Cleveland High School before moving to Arkansas. After graduating cum laude (with the equivalent of three language majors and an emphasis...

  • André Pogoriloffsky (author)

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    André Pogoriloffsky is the pen name used by Andrei Covaciu- Pogorilowski for his book “The music of the Temporalists". He was born in Bucharest, Romania, in February 1968. Starting with 1982, he studied music independently, helped by...

  • Austin O BRIEN (author)

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    AUSTIN O’BRIEN & THE STRAWBERRY CREAMED ENSEMBLE For those who know the artist and showman, Austin O'Brien goes on stage with the obsession to win over the public. And with the rage of a boxer, he deploys all his energy to knock the...

  • Bonnybluehare (author)

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    Bonnybluehare (Colin Edwards): Early performance experience in traditional Folk music and song, influenced also by jazz, classical, and popular music. • From 1990 to 2003 writing music for professional theatre companies in Oxfordshire,...

  • Brian Eno (author)

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    Brian Eno From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Brian Eno Brian Eno 2008.jpg Eno, at the Museo MADRE of Naples, in June 2008 Background information Birth name Brian Peter George Eno Born 15 May 1948 (age 65) Woodbridge, Suffolk, England,...

  • Casia (author)

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    Casia is a lyricist from Canada who collaborates with 100+ solo artists and bands from Russia to Australia. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ��" March 28, 2011 USA ��" “Three Dreamers And A Horse” has just released their debut album on...

  • Howard Tucker (author)

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    Howard “Sergio” Tucker is a writer/poet and performer, whose music embodies cultural fusion. Regularly performing in Brazilian lounges, Black Jazz & Soul clubs, he proudly delivers his gospel of love to R&B/Bossa Nova/Samba rhythms....

  • Marlin Ramazzini (author)

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    Marlin Ramazzini Juno Award Nomenee is one of the most versatile and accomplished Latin singers on the West Coast, with a warm and sensuous voice that can tease out the essence of any song. Growing up in Guatemala, she was inspired to...

  • Tomas Doncker (author)

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    Biography missing, add it now.