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Aaron Leaney, born December 5, 1983, is a Canadian jazz saxophonist and composer who has been performing since the late 1990’s. He has worked across a great variety of genres, from avant-guard improvised music to alt rock. He is an experienced and trained jazz musician but by no means does he choose to remain limited in one genre of music. His musical personality finds him foremost as an improviser; he treasures the immediacy of a spontaneous moment and what the results achieve. But his appreciation and deep investigation in composition allows him to be free within any given form and yet never detached from it.

In 2005, a live radio broadcast performance resulted in the inclusion on ‘Alive From CJSW’ a CJSW 90.9FM double CD. This performance included three of Leaney’s “Compositions for Saxophone & Drums” pieces, of which No. 2 is featured on the recording. His first LP recording entitled ‘Duo’ released in October 2006, highlights his exploring spirit and ability to play completely spontaneous improvised music. The music was recorded live in Calgary and released independently. In late 2005 he began performing with the Toronto alt rock group, The Postage Stamps. In the summer of 2006 they recorded a full length record ‘This Ugly Arrangement.’ Although the music was completely written prior to the recording session the saxophone parts remained improvised and were recorded direct off the floor with the band; a coinciding Eastern Canada tour took place at the beginning of 2007.

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Primary Instrument

Saxophone, tenor


All levels, Jazz Theory, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet Email: Studied with Pat LaBarbera, Don Thompson, Kelly Jefferson, Kirk MacDonald, Dave Stillwell, Mike Downes, Hilario Duran, Bob Day, Ralf Bushmeyer, John Hyde, Garry DeBoek, and Denny Christianson.

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All levels, Saxophone Master Classes, Jazz Improv, Group Improvising, Big Band Sectionals, and Theory. Email:




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Aaron Leaney Three

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