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“She has the knack for making even complicated musical trajectories sound natural and flowing,” writes jazz critic Joe Woodard. With her varied vocal gifts that allow her to juxtapose husky textures with silky lightness, Inga uses her voice like an instrument often switching roles and accompanying other members of the band. Her dead-on pitch, effortlessly natural phrasing, and infectious positive spirit have earned consistently high praise from audiences around the world.

Intuitive on stage, whether soaring through invigorated standards at the Montreux Jazz Festival or inventing Bobby McFerrin-style melodies in front of thousands at Tanglewood with public radio’s A Prairie Home Companion, Inga feels at home always.

Inga’s repeated appearances on Prairie Home Companion highlight her versatility on live radio while opening up an audience to her stunning emotional power and phenomenal improvisation.

Those she collaborates with, ranging from distinctive free jazz pianist Art Lande to spirited, groundbreaking Cuban pianist Elio Villafranca, also define her expansive style. She elaborates on her own compositions using a combination of all her primary influences: Bobby McFerrin, Ella Fitzgerald, and Joni Mitchell.

Inga is an alchemist fusing her luminous and transparent voice with folk jazz elements to create an open, heartfelt spectrum of emotion.

Her playful persona shines on rhythmic tunes with uplifting lyrics. “I love making music that allows me to express my gratitude and thanks.” Balancing these joyful rhythms, she explores contemplation and reflection by allowing space to exist in the music.

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“Inga has a gorgeous voice, very fresh and evocative and note-perfect, and that's the sort of person you want to sing harmony to...” - Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion

“She has the knack for making even complicated musical trajectories sound natural and flowing.” - Josef Woodard, jazz critic

“Swearingen applied compositional insights to soaring vocals, with her original “April” — a duet with Grace — a compelling blend of lyrical melody and dark harmonies. She spontaneously led an irresistibly swinging duet with Korb on “All of Me,” rendered “Stompin' at the Savoy” with fast-paced flexibility and illuminated the standard “Skylark” with a bass line from Chick Corea's “Children's Song.” - Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

“She is one of the few whom an audience opens up to immediately, the listeners are there for her

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