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Ingrid Nomad

Ingrid Nomad was born in Ghent (Belgium). Music was not her first choice as a career. She studied ‘Applied Communications’ and began singing after overcoming stage fright by taking classes with Brad Chapman in Los Angeles (US). He has worked with Anita Baker, Quincy Jones and others.

She studied classical piano at the School of arts in Ghent and graduated in 1995.

Wanting to expand her horizons, she went to the Jazzstudio in Antwerp where she was introduced to jazz music with the likes of Billy Hart. She then formed a jazz quartet with Olivier Collette (piano), Joris De Backer (double bass) and Wouter Van Dyck (drums). The highlight was a performance at The Blue Note Jazz Club in New York.

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« You’ll get entrance to a very beautiful build up world of lyrics and tunes in harmony with each other. A voice with a lot of potential and lyrics that have something to say. « Jazzmozaiek 2017

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