Borrowing elements from IDM, jazz, and progressive rock, inside//outside is an international power trio for the 21st century.

Formed in the Spring of 2012, the band grew out of a collaboration between Belgian keyboardist Wim Leysen, and the American rhythm section of Adam Neely & Shawn Crowder. Their self-titled debut album, released on February 1, 2013, features an organic 
blend of electronic textures, acoustic instrumentation, and tightly arranged compositions, aided by guest musicians including violist Benjamin von Gutzeit of the world-renowned Turtle Island String Quartet, Ivan Rosenberg, Jon Ragonese and Elliott Klein.

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”If you enjoy the process of sound entering your ears. this will make you smile so many times the outsides of your face might hurt.”

-Shaun Penden of Plenty of Swords

“A great synchronization between the three musicians of inside / / outside, which leads to fresh musical moments that seems to spring spontaneously with every second of their music.”

-Jose Luis Martinez Arilla of Caja de Pandora (Spain)

“After listening to their self titled debut album I’m indeed turned inside out by their sparkling mix of jazz, progressive rock, electronic music...aided by guest musicians they create a overwhelming musical journey with very fresh ideas”

-Ruud Peters of Spotlight on Music (Netherlands)

“You have embarked on a strange, surreal, nightmarish and amazing journey that will take you into the distant cosmic voyages of time and space.”

-Zachary Nathanson of Music From The Other Side

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