Is There A Time?

Is There A Time? by Claudia Vorbach

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Claudia Vorbach

Label: Phonector
Released: 2018
Duration: 01:04:06
Views: 1,135

Track Listing

Height Dreams; Making Believe Blues No.9; Is There A Time?; Lone Islands; Power People Positive; Sweet Game; Princess With A Cross To Bear; Something Endless In Their Love; My Old Man; Big Fat Light; Soulful Man; Why Not?; Pearls Of Wisdom; Return Of The Light.


Claudia Vorbach
Claudia Vorbach

voice / vocals

Additional Personnel / Information

Claudia Vorbach – Vocal, Guitar on 1, 3, 9,10,14 and Piano on 8, 13. Martin Soeroes – Piano (except 8, 13) and Rhodes on 1, 5, 12. Axel Kuehn – Double Bass. Felix Schrack – Drums. All music, lyrics, arrangements by Claudia Vorbach. Recorded by Tom Krueger and Matthias Krueger at Klangraum Studio Mainz 2017. Mix Tom Krueger @ no sé? studio. Artwork: ArtBuero Tuebingen. Photos: Fany Fazii, except band photos: C. Vorbach.

Album Description

=>For the Song "Lone Islands" (category Jazz) Claudia has been chosen to be a Semi-Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition 2018. The ISC is located in Nashville. From 19000 entries (all categories) 10% (1900) have been awarded as a Semi Finalist. Other than 59 songs have been Semi Finalists in the category Jazz<= All 14 titles are originals from singer-songwriter Claudia Vorbach, who sometimes plays western guitar. She is accompanied by a Jazz Piano Trio: double bass, piano (or Fender Rhodes) and drums. The album varies with different genres. It includes Folk songs, Jazz and Latin Jazz Titles. For example the Folk Pop Tune “Height Dreams” is followed by the title “Making Believe Blues No.9”, which is combining Hip-Hop grooves, a Rap Part and an unexpected wild jazz piano solo. “Lone Islands” is a Jazz Ballad, “Big Fat Light” happens to be a country-blues duo: a western guitar, vocal and a double bass is all there is. Intimate moments appear also when Claudia is accompanying herself in the singer-songwriter style all alone on guitar or piano. Pianist Martin Soeroes won the "Czech Jazz Contest" and made the third place in "The New York Jazz Competition", both with the Jan Prax Quartett in 2014. Double Bass Player Axel Kuehn won the "Europaeische Burghaeuser Nachwuchs-Jazzpreis" in 2009 with the Kühntett.



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