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Professional information ten strings for sound - time - space Isaac de Martin graduated in Jazz at the Conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto with Sandro Gibellini, Pietro Tonolo, Gianluca Carollo, Enrico Merlin. Continuous training in Music (Electronics) with Valerio Murat. He has been studying for years classical guitar with Maestro Angelo Amato in Venice, nurturing and pursuing the ideal of the guitar as an instrument sounding shy but with infinite expressive potential. Through its timbres and colors, ten string Guitar is better able to reflect the inner emotions which he deals with every day life. The hot Jazz of the Twenties seduced Isaac so much that, together with the pianist Franz Falanga, they founded Adovabadàn Jazz Band, still active in Italy and abroad. Given that music is, of human languages, the most widespread and powerful communicator, he look for and find confirmation of this with the laboratory of Art and Communication “Sound Illustrators”, which he co-founded with Katri Mäkeläinen and other musicians and creatives in Europe (Treviso, Helsinki, Berlin), resulting in the spreading of our concept over the old continent. Isaac regularly collaborates with Fabrica, Benetton's communication research center. Further experiences include music composed for short and feature movies: in 2013 he was invited as resident composer in Moscow to compose and arrange music that was played and recorded at MOS Film Studios by the National Russian Symphony Cinema Orchestra conducted by Sergey Skripka. In 2014 Isaac composed and performed (so far) music for Cinema and Theater as L'Albero Storto (among with the actor Beppe Casales and the Choir Valcavasia, Treviso), In Trincea (with Michele di Giacomo, Milano), Sogni Bisogni e Altre Virtú (performed with Sound Illustrators and written by Gino Tonello, Padova), D'Amore e Decrescita (with Francesco Niccolini for Vacanze dell' Anima Festival), In Guerra (a feature movie by Davide Sibaldi, Milano), Mamihlapinatapai (movie by Victor Marvin, Moscow). Further interactive installation at UdK (Universität der Künste) in Berlin for the production of Klang-Zeit-Ort 2014.

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