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Based in Los Angeles, Jack’s Cats delivers swing standards, forgotten jazz classics, and new original compositions performed live in an authentic period style by bandleader Jack Malmstrom. The band is comprised of the hottest young lions in LA's thriving vintage jazz scene.

Jack's Cats: The State of Swing In 2019 Jack’s Cats released its second album, The State of Swing Swing, consisting of 14 tracks of all new, original compositions delivered in Jack's Cats hybrid new/pld “Pre-Bop” style.


Clarinet, tenor sax and occasionally a Buescher C Melody Sax.


Exciting, intelligent, and fun, the Cats could swing any nightclub in the Golden Age of Jazz, yet they deliver a show that audiences connect with today.

Those that know jazz know they're good, those that don't just know they're fun.

Jack's Cats isn't a dance band. It's a listening band that's damn good to dance to.


Albums by Jack Malmstrom

Album The State of Swing by Jack Malmstrom

The State of Swing

Trylon and Perisphere Records

Album Jack's Cats: Low Down Dirty Swing, Live by Jack Malmstrom

Jack's Cats: Low Down...

Trylon & Perisphere Records



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