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Jacques Schwarz-Bart

Undoubtedly Jacques Schwarz-Bart shares this vision put forth by the writer Patrick Chamoiseau, “The contemporary melting pot of cultures and ethnicities has created a worldwide phenomenon of “creolisation”.. This New York based jazz saxophonist, praised by major American soul artists, raised by a Black Guadeloupean mother and a French Jewish father-, grew up between Switzerland and Guadeloupe… The son of two award wining novelists, Jacques followed an original and sinuous path that speaks volume about his identity.

He was born in the suburbs of Pointe a Pitre on December 22nd 1962. In those days, it wasn’t proper to speak Creole, and playing Gwoka drums was left to Negroes from the woods, “fat heels Negroes”, who kept alive the spirit of the runaway slaves, the Maroons, and celebrated their African Heritage. These were vividly described in the novel “a woman called Solitude” by André Schwarz-Bart (1972), through the story of a slave woman that took an important part in the revolt against the French repression in 1802. In Pointe a Pitre, a statue reminds us of this important piece of history, never mentioned in official French school books, and symbolizes the tenacity of a different identity. It is this different identity that is the soil for Jacques’ inspiration in his new CD.

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