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Jade Choi

Jade Choi is a New York-based Jazz vocalist. She is originally from South Korea. Her influences from Christian gospel background have led her into the music field. She sings her belief about life, love, hope, and dreams. Jade believes Music is powerful enough to either save one person’s soul or destroy it. She wants to be herself as an instrument to bring the light into people’s hearts.
“ Ms. Choi’s passion for her music, coupled with her drive, is evident in her music. It is bold and exciting, sensitive and inspiring. The wide spectrum of creativity that is manifested in her music sets her apart in the music world. In performance, she exudes confidence, a magnetic presence, and a soulfulness that captivate her audiences.”

- Dr. Dee Daniels

“…as well as being a truly gifted composer, she has a beautiful and unique vocal timbre, great pitch, excellent ears, wonderful interpretive skills, and outstanding improvisation skill.”

- Trish Colter