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Jakob Norgren is a Swedish saxophonist, composer, arranger and big band leader. Main instruments are baritone sax, tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet and contra alto clarinet. He started his orchestra, initially named Jakob Norgren Big Band Splash, in 2004 and first released two albums that mixed contemporary jazz with soul/R&B. From 2010 Jakob let the band develop into a pure soul-jazz/R&B orchestra under the shortened name Big Band Splash, while introducing Jakob Norgren Jazz Orchestra (with almost the same members) where he could refine his contemporary jazz writing. Jakob Norgren is the arranger and producer of all his albums. Jakob also used processed samples from his own big band recordings to produce collage-jazz/electronica under artist name The Emersons. Jakob Norgren has released the following albums on his own label Wime Records: • Jakob Norgren Big Band Splash – “Wide Meadow Soul” (2005) • Jakob Norgren Big Band Splash – “East of The Arctic Circle” (2007) • Big Band Splash – “Another Apple” (2010). • The Emersons – “Mollow” (2014) • Jakob Norgren Jazz Orchestra – “Pathfinding” (2015) (feat. Jonas Kullhammar) • Big Band Splash – “Volume 5” (2017) • Jakob Norgren Jazz Orchestra – “Creations & Transformations” (release October 4, 2019)

On digital platforms, all albums can be found under artist name Jakob Norgren.


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“A true north path to superb, sophisticated ensemble music that leave the old traditions behind and charts a new path for big band jazz.” All About Jazz (USA) – Edward Blanco

“A topnotch composer / arranger. — Norgren (and his teammates) earn high marks for Pathfinding, which one hopes may be the first of many recordings by this superb ensemble.” All About Jazz (USA) – Jack Bowers

”An outstanding CD, with top-notch modern big band writing from leader and baritone saxophonist Jakob Norgren and superior performances from his Jazz Orchestra.” Cadence Magazine (USA) – Don Lerman

“Simply put, Norgren’s music as played by the band is flat out exciting, continually surprising while maintaining that one-foot-in-the-tradition which makes it easy for anyone to appreciate and groove on.” All About Jazz (USA) – Budd Kopman

You get a blues shoutin’/ jazz wailing big band with excellent r&b/ jazz arrangements, reminding me at times of Gil Evans, at times of Johnny Griffin’s Big Soul Band and at times of Charles Mingus

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Albums by Jakob Norgren

Album Volume 5 by Jakob Norgren

Volume 5

Wime Records

Album Pathfinding by Jakob Norgren


Wime Records



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