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Jasmine Logan

Jasmine Logan is a talented and charasmatic saxophonist with a lively upbeat attitude and a demanding stage presence to match.

Jasmine first started playing when she was nine years old. Her first instrument was a used bundy student line clarinet that was almost a decade older that she was. In the 10th grade Jasmine's band director asked her to learn alto saxophone. After a few about 12 weeks of practice she was placed as first chair alto saxophone in the jazz band. Jasmine continued to study classical clarinet under Christy Domico, and studied jazz saxophone on her own.

At age 16 Jasmine joined the praise and worship band at her church, where they only hire professional musicians. She played for free, but it was worth it to be able to work with some of the best up and coming gospel musicians such as Pennal Johnson, Charles Laster, and Felton Offard among others. Playing with the church band also gave her the opportunity to perform with gospel recording artists, DeLeon, Joyce Hurley and Desmond Pringle just to name a few.

At age 17 Jasmine was inspired by Frank Catalano, a grammy nominated jazz saxophonist and alumi of her highschool, to study saxophone at the college level. Jasmine earned a number of music awards in her highschool career such as the Louis Armstrong Award, the John Phillip Sousa Award and the the Semper Fidelis Music Award fromt the US Marines. She also earned a number of gold medal from the State Solo and Ensemble competition. She went on to study Saxophone Performance in the Studio of Dr. Randall Smith, and Music Education on full tuition academic and music scholarships at Truman State University. She proved to be quite a versatile musician, playing clarinet and saxophone in 5 major ensembles in her first year, which was unusual for any student, especially an underclassmen. Now she plays with the Saxtelles, fronted by blues guitarist Steve Arvey who said, “ I have a girl in my band named Jasmine Logan... She is very bright and her music education will take her many places in life” (Big City Blues Magazine sept. 2006)

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