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Jason A Mullinax

Jason Mullinax is a percussionist and electronic music composer with more than 25 years of drumming and performance experience. He has performed widely in the D.C. metro area, written soundtracks for documentaries and films, and produced/recorded original material on his own record label. He is currently the drum instructor at the Richardson School of Music and facilitates music workshops at various locations around the region. His newest record, Time Being, is available on his Bandcamp page.
Praise for “Home World”:

“ otherworldly collection of hyperactive noise fun, featuring soundscapes of spacey synth floating over lively beats. The songs are energetic, intricately woven and precise, conveying an odd personality of playfulness and perfectionism. Home World is most definitely percussion driven, with self-described 'cut-n-paste aesthetics' breaking up sounds to keep things interesting at all times.” —Wanda Perkins, GLORY IN SOUND

“This is electronica with bite and motion. From the brisk pace and crisp sounds in ’Staring Daggers’ to the mysteries of ‘Hello Human!’, Jason Mullinax has created an array of well thought out songs that have plenty of surprises in addition to great melodies.” —David Hintz, DC ROCK LIVE

“So Home World can be edgy, it can be frenetic, it makes the occasional hard shift of tone (give “Soft Landing” a listen), but there’s a lot of great structural work at play here

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My name is Jason A Mullinax and I'm a percussionist and songwriter based in Takoma Park, Maryland. I teach beginner to intermediate drum set lessons to students from 6 years old to adult . My goal is to give students a solid foundation in proper drumming technique as well as the freedom to cultivate their own creativity as musicians. I also facilitate an experiential learning workshop called Music Discovery Lab that's open to musicians and non-musicians alike. If you're interested in taking lessons or attending one of my workshops, please drop me a line!


Time Being

Time Being

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Next Time We Fly

Next Time We Fly

Jason A Mullinax
Time Being