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Jazz Ain't Dead

Jazz Ain't Dead® Production Bio

WHO is Jazz Ain't Dead?

Produced by Candice Michelle Franklin, Jazz Ain't Dead® is a young urban jazz music and dance collective that performs house, acid, funk, and soul songs with an urban jazz sensibility. Featuring live dancers, singers, musicians, and live DJ, Jazz Ain't Dead's signature sound is taking popular classical jazz standards and re-igniting them into house, acid jazz, funk, and soul. Also in repertory are contemporary and Nu Jazz covers, original works, and straight-ahead classics.

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What Folks Are Saying:

”Jazz Ain't Dead brings DNA alive with its brand new fiery orchestrations of Porgy and Bess songs...”

“I must admit, I am a HUGE sucker for live jazz... so when you get a group of very talented musicians, riffing for the rafters (we are talking vocal gymnastics people!!)... and then some D-I-V-A dancers doing their thing in collaboration... and WOW, I was in heaven and had to resist the urge to get out of my seat and start my own groove motif!!” -R. D. Beck, Blogger of

”Franklin creates an intricate web of action that leaves you screaming out things like “She better work!!” or “GET ITTTT!!!” Fierce legs, gorgeous turns, hot unison sections, wild hair, and sexy partnering all took their place in the “circus” that Franklin calls it with a laugh.”

-Sheena DiMatteo,

Testimonial of a Promo Performance Excerpt from JAD's Porgy and Bess at New York City's Bowery Poetry Club/Mo Beasley's UrbanErotika

“Candice, you, Diandra, and your dancers were OUTSTANDING at UrbanErotika Saturday night

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