Jazz Discographies

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View Anthony Braxton discography Anthony Braxton
299 albums
View Art Tatum discography Art Tatum
143 albums
View Benny Goodman discography Benny Goodman
246 albums
View Bill Evans discography Bill Evans
149 albums
View Billie Holiday discography Billie Holiday
358 albums
View Bing Crosby discography Bing Crosby
324 albums
View Charles Mingus discography Charles Mingus
189 albums
View Charlie Parker discography Charlie Parker
376 albums
View Chet Baker discography Chet Baker
248 albums
View Chick Corea discography Chick Corea
121 albums
View Coleman Hawkins discography Coleman Hawkins
164 albums
View Count Basie discography Count Basie
311 albums
View Dave Brubeck discography Dave Brubeck
126 albums
View Dean Martin discography Dean Martin
171 albums
View Dinah Washington discography Dinah Washington
177 albums
View Dizzy Gillespie discography Dizzy Gillespie
287 albums
View Django Reinhardt discography Django Reinhardt
248 albums
View Duke Ellington discography Duke Ellington
483 albums
View Ella Fitzgerald discography Ella Fitzgerald
575 albums
View Erroll Garner discography Erroll Garner
212 albums
View Evan Parker discography Evan Parker
121 albums
View Fats Waller discography Fats Waller
132 albums
View Frank Sinatra discography Frank Sinatra
880 albums
View Frank Zappa discography Frank Zappa
195 albums
View Freddie Hubbard discography Freddie Hubbard
120 albums
View George Benson discography George Benson
176 albums
View Gerry Mulligan discography Gerry Mulligan
128 albums
View Glenn Miller discography Glenn Miller
183 albums
View Henry Mancini discography Henry Mancini
169 albums
View Herbie Hancock discography Herbie Hancock
203 albums
View Herbie Mann discography Herbie Mann
152 albums
View James Last discography James Last
223 albums
View Jimmy Smith discography Jimmy Smith
247 albums
View John Coltrane discography John Coltrane
337 albums
View John Zorn discography John Zorn
159 albums
View Keith Jarrett discography Keith Jarrett
135 albums
View Lalo Schifrin discography Lalo Schifrin
130 albums
View Lee Konitz discography Lee Konitz
140 albums
View Lester Young discography Lester Young
137 albums
View Lionel Hampton discography Lionel Hampton
174 albums
View Louis Armstrong discography Louis Armstrong
735 albums
View Miles Davis discography Miles Davis
665 albums
View Nina Simone discography Nina Simone
275 albums
View Oscar Peterson discography Oscar Peterson
253 albums
View Peggy Lee discography Peggy Lee
170 albums
View Quincy Jones discography Quincy Jones
154 albums
View Ramsey Lewis discography Ramsey Lewis
141 albums
View Ray Charles discography Ray Charles
292 albums
View Sammy Davis Jr. discography Sammy Davis Jr.
149 albums
View Sarah Vaughan discography Sarah Vaughan
278 albums
View Shirley Bassey discography Shirley Bassey
166 albums
View Sidney Bechet discography Sidney Bechet
224 albums
View Sonny Rollins discography Sonny Rollins
172 albums
View Sonny Stitt discography Sonny Stitt
164 albums
View Stan Getz discography Stan Getz
267 albums
View Stan Kenton discography Stan Kenton
125 albums
View Steve Lacy discography Steve Lacy
122 albums
View Thelonious Monk discography Thelonious Monk
188 albums
View Tony Bennett discography Tony Bennett
157 albums
View Woody Herman discography Woody Herman
121 albums

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