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It all started with 3 DJ's ... DJ Emotion, DJ Jijo and DJ Ivo-But-Not. While most DJ's in Varna turned more and more Electronic, these three DJs decided to do something else: play tasteful Jazzy grooves from their headquarters: Cubo (Beach) Bar in Varna. From Funk & Soul, via Nu-Jazz, Broken Beats and Afro-Beat to Lounge.

In the period 2008-2012 - untill the formation of the first JazzProfilacika band, the “JazzProfilactika Sound System” - the JazzProfilactika DJ's performed in various DJ+ formations. In 2011 Jivko Marinov (DJ Jijo, Bulgaria), Roel Hollander (Saxophones, The Netherlands) and Vito Giacovelli (Percussion, Italy) got together for a 3-City tour: Sofia (Sofia Live Club), Varna (Cubo Beach Bar) and Plovdiv (Petnoto Na Rorshach).

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