Jeff Brent

Piano lessons, guitar lessons, sax lessons, fiddle lessons, flute lessons, harmonica lessons, mandolin lessons. Styles taught: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, Latin, C&W, R&B, and more!

Jeff Brent has traveled the world as a professional musician. He is the author of “MODALOGY - scales, modes & chords: the primordial building blocks of music” (w/ S.Barkley - Hal Leonard publ), “CHORDALOGY: Tonal II-V-I Progressions for the Jazz Guitarist” (w/ J.Bianco & G.Ersdal), co-author of the “FINGERING MASTERY” series on scales & modes for stringed instruments, and also contributor to the best-selling bible of jazz theory “Jazzology: The Encyclopedia of Jazz Theory for All Musicians” (Hal Leonard publ).

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Riverside, CA

Willing to teach

Advanced students only.


Beginner through Advanced All ages Hours: Mo-Th 10am-9pm

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