Jeff Dingler

Instrument: Bass | Location: New York City

Updated: December 12, 2018

Born: November 18, 1986

Jeff Dingler is as upright/electric bassist living between Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and New York City. Comfortable in a straight ahead context or playing world music, Jeff has worked in groups ranging from tours with The Nelson Riddle Orchestra to recording with Ecuadorian group Koyari. Currently Jeff works with numerous projects as a sideman, including Girum Mezmur and Ayele Mamo's Addis Acoustic Project in addition to Brad Shepik and Seido Salifoski's Balkan Peppers. Jeff has released two records as a bandleader- Taking Root and In Transit. In addition to his work as a rhythm section player, Jeff is noted for his compositions and lyrical soloing technique.

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On Jeff's recent release In Transit-

“......the magic comes not from bebop complexity (though the musicians are clearly bebop adepts as well) but from the soft melding of musical traditions from two continents, adding up to one of the more subtly remarkable accomplishments in jazz this year.” -Jon Sobel

“ comes all the more natural due to the contagious easiness and comfort, that can only stem from a quartet of great chemistry—which is clearly the case here.”- Friedrich Kunzmann

Primary Instrument



New York City


Teaching in New York City New Jersey and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.



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