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Jeff Lofton

Jazz trumpet player Jeff Lofton debuted his first jazz CD, Jazz Therapy, in 2005. The self-produced CD mixes old style be-bop with modern forms of jazz in the tradition of Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and John Coltrane. In addition to Lofton on trumpet, the CD also includes Roland Haynes on piano, Reggie Sullivan on bass and Kenneth Salters on drums. Playing trumpet for nearly thirty years, Lofton has spent time on the road in Chicago and New York City and studied music composition and jazz at the University of South Carolina. He has performed with such musical talents as Austin’s own guitarist Jim Mings, Ron Westray and Wycliff Gordon of the Wynton Marsalis septet, Fred Wesley of the James Brown horn section, Fred Hampton of the Chicago A.A.C.M., and he has performed with South Carolina musicians such as Skip Pearson, Robert Gardner, Dr

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