Jeff Reilly Jeff Reilly

History I was born in New Jersey and started playing trombone in the 7th grade, that didn’t last very long. I was very drawn to the drums and percussion. I have been a working professional since age 18.

I spent a lot of time going into New York City when I was in my late teens. I started Private lessons with Kenwood Dennard, Shawn Pelton, Mino Cinelu and others. Being exposed to so much great music at a young age really shaped my approach to music. I played in New York and New Jersey with a lot different rock, funk, jazz and blues bands. Many of which I’ve toured the country.

I moved to Athens, GA in September of 98’ Athens is known for having a pretty diverse and thriving music scene. I spend most of my time doing recording sessions, teaching, and playing gigs around Athens and Atlanta.

Projects: I am currently working with The Chris Duarte Group. We are touring all over the U.S and Europe this summer and fall. Here is a list of my past and current projects. Chuck Leavell- Rolling Stones Keyboardist Roger Glover- Deep Purple Megaphone Man- improvisational jazz/funk Kenosha Kid- Jazz Dromedary Quartet- World music Cooper Tissdale Trio- Funk Holy Rollin’ Empire- Gospel/Spiritual Jonathan Byrd- Folk Songwriter Dianne Durett- Singer/Songwriter Bill Mallonee- Singer Songwriter Randall Bramblett Band


Istanbul Cymbal, Joyful Noise snare, Head drums, Gretsch, Spizzichino




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