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Jeffrey M. Stone

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Willing to teach

Beginner to advanced


Very busy finishing The Drummer's Guidebook, not a method book but an information book (a "what's-up-doc" book) about every aspect of playing an instrument (especially drum-set), in all aspects from starting to polishing and perfecting one's art. Had a year of teaching basic music theory to college students as a grad. student at the U. of Utah; currently not open for students until the book is finished (early in 2016).

Clinic/Workshop Information

Only have taught beginning young students a few times, in a group setting. Very basic; start with getting the sense of time to be understood and used; then using some simple patterns played in an accessible tempo…Limited to range of what could be done with young students (8-12 years old) to make sure success was achieved in pursuing these simple but vital goals in a short amount of time.