Jennifer Bruce & DejaNu

Instrument: Vocalist | Location: Nashville

Born: October 25

International jazz artists of high acclaim are touring with a new classic style and atwist of classic pop. New generations are rediscovering and loving the romance of jazz

DejaNu is bringing festivals, theaters, and clubs a new audience. The audiences who love the classics are also hearing the amazing talents of Jennifer Bruce and her jazz quartet as they brilliantly weave the classic songbook with a new spin of songs originally recorded in the pop style but with the right twist. They have given songs written by such acclaimed artists as Paul Simon, Carol King, Stevie Wonder, Burt Bachrach, Hall and Oats and the Everly Brothers new life and have audiences turning their heads and returning each time they have an opportunity to hear the New American Songbook.

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“I have worked in the music business for over 25 years. Jennifer Bruce and her band are one of the most talented bands I have seen.”

Jeff Gregg – Creative Artist Agency – The Larry Keeton Theatre

“DejaNu puts an end to the war between Pop and Jazz! They are friends at last! Genre labels melt quickly with a little touch of magic from this wonderfully innovative group. Jennifer’s sensual and sultry vocals are extraordinaire, and the band and arrangements are equally stellar! DejaNu loves to explore the creative edge and is not afraid to play freely! And I must say, I have been an instant fan of Jennifer’s from the very first song I ever heard her sing

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