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Guitarist, Jeremy Zmuda grew up in the small town of Long Beach, Indiana. As a child his first musical experiences were taking piano lessons, singing in various choirs and playing with fire. It was not until high school that Jeremy discovered his true love, the guitar. In high school he began meeting other kids in who also shared his enthusiasm for playing music. After learning a few chords and some Zeppelin tunes his musical career was on it’s way. A few years later and a couple thousand practice hours later he found his ear for Jazz music. Jeremy remembers driving late at night into Chicago with his friends, “We would just drive around the city for hours listening to Jazz on the public radio station, I felt drawn to it at once.” Soon his love for the music landed him for a year at Chicago’s Columbia College. There he studied with various teachers on the Chicago scene, and began cutting his musical teeth. In 1993, he enrolled in Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he was awarded scholarship while studying Jazz performance and music education. Upon Graduating with honors, he stayed in Boston and became a well sought after musician on the Boston scene. He moved to New York in the fall of 2004 and his musical world grew beyond his imagination.....

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”Jeremy is spinning his own compelling yarns, and listeners should tune into these sonic stories. This is the beginning of an era for the young guitarist.....This is a group to watch. Even more importantly, this is a group to hear.” -- Jack Walton, arts writer for the South Bend Tribune and jazz DJ on Notre Dame's WSND-FM, 88.9

“a stellar musical treat, a very impressive debut.......Great charts, musicianship and colorful melodies, marking “End Of An Era” an exciting new beginning for one of the new young lions of jazz, Jeremy Zmuda. - Edward Blanco - ejazznews

”His attack, tone and melodic concept put him in the realm of Kurt Rosenwinkel and Adam Rogers.........a unique and thoughtful take on modern jazz......” Matthew Wornoc - Just Jazz Guitar

“Zmuda's compositions will likely impress the invested jazz listener who cares about able musicians and subtle, solid quality.........he has an ability to showcase his chops and to recognize silence as one of a jazz musician's most valuable instruments......this band will introduce you to a musical nook you never thought existed.” - Ben Johnson, AWE music writer ”Zmuda synthesizes his influences in an interesting fashion-from his big Jim Hall tone and tight phrasing to a dash of high lonesome melody notes that recalls Ben Monder” -Jason Bivens - Cadence Magazine

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