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Jesper Zeuthen Trio

Press release - Jesper Zeuthen Trio Live (Blackout 035)

Jesper Zeuthen Trio Live is a continuation of the process that began with the formation of Jesper Zeuthen Trio and the recording of its debut album, simply called Jesper Zeuthen Trio, released in 2010. As with the first CD, Live is a no-nonsense product both in musical content, title and cover art (by Zeuthen himself).

Live presents a trio that has matured through intense rehearsals and numerous concerts in Denmark and Germany, up to the point where the group’s repertoire of around 30 Zeuthen tunes has been internalized into the DNA of the three musicians, making the compositions a framework for extended and unpredictable improvisation. When choosing the location for recording the CD, Jesper Zeuthen picked Literaturhaus ��” a former church close to his home in Copenhagen, situated in an area offering as much cultural and national diversity as that of his own music. The room has plenty of reverb that embraces the trio’s ambition to play with no amplification at all, giving the three musicians the spatial freedom to integrate each instrument into the fabric of the music. Live documents a milestone on the unending path of musical process that Jesper Zeuthen and his trio travels and points forward to new explorations yet to be documented. Stay tuned.

Press Quotes

Best Danish Jazz Album of 2010 JazzSpecial Denmark

Among the five best debut albums of 2010 All About Jazz ��” New York

”Jesper Zeuthen Trio is a proof of Zeuthen's continuing strength as an improviser and composer.” Jakob Bækgaard ��”

”Spiritual star jazz (…) He is a star that leads and glows the entire summer night.” Niels Overgård - Denmark

” ��” A musical monument where each tone and micro pause speaks with force and meaning. ��” And at least it is indisputably the Danish jazz record of the year!” Bjarne Søltoft ��” Jazzspecial Norway

”Amid the swirling energies of bass and drum, Zeuthen's ”Ukendt” trods along, trawling with his staccato notes, reaching ever upwards in exaltation.” Mark Corroto ��”

” (…) the most important record to have come out in many years in Denmark.” Drummer Kresten Osgood, recommending the CD on Danish television

“Authentic, undiluted music directly from the heart(..,)” Thøger Kersting Christensen,

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