Jessica Lurie Jessica Lurie

Seattle and Brooklyn-based Jessica Lurie is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, composer, and improviser, performing on saxophones, flute, voice, accordion and electronics. Influenced by her parent’s love of classical, jazz, broadway and Americana, combined with having come up in the diverse Seattle music scene of the ‘90s on, she calls on a wide range of musical influences, including, funk, jazz, Americana, gospel, Klezmer, Balkan, Latin, and Afro-Cuban music, as well as a great love for free improvisation.

Jessica will be releasing her newest recording “LONG HAUL” in summer 2017, featuring Jessica on saxophones and flutes, Todd Sickafoose on bass, Allison Miller on drums, Mike Gamble on guitar, Brian Marsalla on piano and special guest Naomi Seigel on trombone.

She has received critical acclaim from Downbeat, Emusic, Jazz Times, All About Jazz and more. Known for “melding lyrical pop, stinging rock, rhythmic Eastern European folk music and improvisation-heavy jazz with a dose of free-wheeling avant-groove-meets-grind” (Dan Oulette), she has performed at festivals, universities, clubs, social centers and workshops in the US, Canada and Europe. Current projects include The Jessica Lurie Ensemble; Tiptons Saxophone Quartet & Drums; Living Daylights Trio; Bill Horist / Jessica Lurie Duo; Sephardic Sofie Salonika with Katie Down; Jewish Afro-beat band Zion80; experimental Far Cry Flutes and Seattle based improvising ensembles Slingshot Songs and Full Fathom Five +, featuring Skerik, Kate Olson, Naomi Seigel, Evan Flory-Barnes and D’vonne Lewis.

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“Jessica Lurie is considered one of the most exciting interpreters of music today, pushing stylistic barriers not simply to ramble from one genre to another, but to construct new musical landscapes, to daydream with an extreme sense of purpose.” – Giuseppe Segala, All About Jazz Italy

“Playing saxophone and accordion as well as vocalizing, Jessica Lurie wears many hats in this adventurous but melodic group.”—Nate Chinen, New York Times

“… a terrific sound-scape, songs and music composed and performed by Jessica Lurie … suggestive of a Balkan John Coltrane or klezmerized Sonny Rollins.”—off-off blogway



Album Long Haul by Jessica Lurie

Long Haul

Chant Records

Album Megaphone Heart by Jessica Lurie

Megaphone Heart

Self Produced

Album Shop of Wild Dreams by Jessica Lurie

Shop of Wild Dreams

Self Produced

Album Laws of Motion by Jessica Lurie

Laws of Motion

Self Produced

Album That Is What It's Like To Be by Jessica Lurie

That Is What It's...

Self Produced

Album Licorice & Smoke by Jessica Lurie

Licorice & Smoke

Self Produced



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