Jetse de Jong

At the crossroads where improvisation/jazz, folk and classical music meet, is where pianist and composer Jetse de Jong musically resides.

Hearing the joyful 'Blueberry Hill' by Fats Domino for the first time being nine years old sparked off Jetse de Jong's wish to become a musician.

A week-long stay in Trondheim (Norway) proved most influential in helping Jetse formulate his own ideas and concepts. When one listens to his music it becomes evident that chant-like melodies, silence, improvisation and spontaneous interplay are the main ingredients.

From 15 years old he studied at the conservatory of Arnhem and Amsterdam, participating in the young talent programmes of both schools before entering the bachelor course of the Conservatory of Amsterdam where he was teached in classical music as well as jazz music by Harmen Fraanje, Rob van Bavel and Matthijs Verschoor.





Jetse de Jong Music Productions