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My earliest musical performance experiences were in school bands and choirs and Christmas Caroling with my church. I began playing and studying drums in the fifth grade. In the 8th grade I was a featured soloist in a summer Big Band class. I continued and was a featured solo performer in a summer high school Big Band class while still in the eighth grade. In high school I played in every performance ensemble available to me. I continued my musical studies at Cabrillo College and took private lessons with George Marsh in San Francisco. Jim Anderson

I continued my music studies at Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA. I studied jazz and took lessons from George Marsh in San Francisco. I was a regularly featured solo performer in our award winning Jazz Ensemble directed by Lyle Cruse. I also was a member of the popular Jazz/Rock group “Fafner”. “Fafner” consisted of most of the first chair players from the Cabrillo College Jazz Ensemble, and was quite possibly the most creative band I have ever been in. I also tried my hand at playing guitar and concentrated on my singing with an acoustic duo called Gemini. The last band I had in Santa Cruz was Chameleon. Chameleon was a hybrid band with some heavy Latin influence. The band consisted of guitar, bass, keyboard, trap set and percussion. I learned a great deal about Afro-Cuban music from my partner and fellow drummer Michael Spiro. Most important for me, this band included my first song-writing collaborator, Todd Epstein on and guitar and vocals. Todd and I wrote several of the bands original songs and went on to write many more songs together.

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