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Jim Knodle

As a trumpet player, I have a reputation for eclecticism and originality springing from a desire to play the trumpet in a definitely “un-trumpetish” fashion.As far as Jazz goes I'm indebted mainly to saxophonists- Ornette Coleman, Paul Desmond, Stan Getz, and Eric Dolphy. Of course, who could disregard past and present trumpet geniuses such as Louis Armstrong, Cootie Williams, Henry “Red” Allen, Ruby Braff, Miles Davis, Don Cherry, Freddy Webster, Booker Little, Art Farmer, Barbara Donald, and others

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Progressively agile, while being nothing short of hard free-bop, is an accurate description of trumpeter Jim Knodle's band, Anasi. Taking its name from the trickster of many African fables, Knodle's new disc, “Wending,” (on the Nine Winds label), is a great debut.

Knodle puts together a fine program that lasts less than 50 minutes - - which is quite short, considering most compact discs clock in at least around 65 minutes. Nonetheless, the music is well thought out. It is executed in such a fashion as to give rise to the notion of being wholly improvised. While improvisation is the key, Knodle's writing proves fresh and innovative.

Beginning with the title composition, an intense and swinging number, we also get an earthy feel

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