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Jimmy Greene: A Beautiful Life

Jimmy Greene: A Beautiful Life by Jimmy Greene

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Jimmy Greene

Label: Mack Avenue Records
Released: 2015
Views: 1,005

Track Listing

Saludos/Come Thou Almighty King; Last Summer; When I Come Home; Ana's Way; Your Great Name; Where Is Love?; Seventh Candle; Maybe; Prayer; Little Voices.


Jimmy Greene
Jimmy Greene


Additional Personnel / Information

Jimmy Greene: saxophone; Renee Rosnes: piano; Christian McBride: bass; Lewis Nash: drums; Pat Metheny: guitar; Jonathan DuBose Jr.: guitar; Kenny Barron: piano; Cyrus Chestnut: piano; Kurt Elling: vocals; Javier Colon: vocals; Latanya Farrell: vocals; Anika Noni Rose; spoken word.


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